preschool orientation

In order to assure a safe environment for your child and others we do not allow toys to be brought to the school. This is due to a number reasons. Toy Sanitary requirements We wash and clean our toys on a regular basis. When you bring toys from home, its' very difficult for us to control that process. During flu season this becomes even more difficult and dangerous especially if your child brings their favorite stuffed toy full of germs.


Many toys can be a choking Hazard, while others like toy guns or water pistols can be alarmingly hazardous for this age group. Other toys may have sharp points or dyes that can also be lethal to other children in the school. Mothers like to dress their little girls in beautiful necklaces which can be pulled by other children during play and choke your child. So please pay attention to what your children come to school with and how they are dressed.


Preschool is the first stage where child will learn the concept of sharing. This is very difficult to do if your child brings a toy from home because he or she has been given exclusive ownership of that toy at home. At Preschool children gradually begin to understand that toys are a communal pool that must be shared


Jewelry and its dangers

We also strongly disapprove of any form Jewelry especially Necklaces. Kids are more active than adults, so although an adult might not get into situations where a necklace could get caught and present a choking hazard, this is a very real scenario for children. Bangles, Earrings, rings are things that also creates envy and potential problems for other children in the school, like getting a ring stuck on a hand that was not meant for that child.