Taking a tour is easy and the best way for you to get to know our school a lot better. Although the website may contain pictures and information on our classes and the different extracurricular activities offered, it doesn’t compare to seeing the children working, singing, and dancing firsthand. To set up an appointment for a tour, just call the front desk to speak with the Office Manager.

The tours are usually conducted by the Administrator who will guide you around the facility and inform you of the basics of each class. Please note that tours are strictly by appointment only because we have a very busy schedule.

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions. Please keep in mind that our teachers and students are extremely busy with their classroom work and the constant interruptions may distract students and teachers.

Observation Etiquette

To reduce distractions in the class from your visit, we ask all visiting parents to be a passive observer and not an active participant in the class. It can be predicted that your child will get excited and want to play and run around the class. The best way to deal with this is to hold their hand and ask them to be respectful of the children in the class. Given the right time, we will gladly provide them with an opportunity to interact briefly with the staff and students.

Interview Process

During the tour, we will take mental n otes on your needs and your child's development stage. This will help us ascertain if your child can benefit from our program. While we very rarely refuse admission, we will pay close attention to how motivated parents are in ensuring a good education for their child.


Once you have decided that our school meets all your needs, the registration process is the next simple step. Please visit the registration form section of this web site, download all the forms, fill it in (you can type these .pdf forms and save a copy for yourself), and drop it off at the school with the registration fee. Of course, don't forget to also visit the Doctor’s office because one of the forms (LIC701) requires a Physician’s Report that must be signed and stamped by an accredited physician.

Advanced Registration

With varying availability, we ask all parents to register as early as possible to ensure a place for their child. Parents come last minute to find that there is no availability in the school for their child’s age group. Once you have pre-registered, we will guarantee a place for your child. How to Complete Registration Forms

The State of California requires that all our registration forms be filled out completely. That means we need all forms to be filled accurately with complete addresses. If you change your address or phone number, you are required to inform the school immediately by submitting a new form that reflects the changes. We also ask that all forms be submitted prior to your child's start date. This helps our Administrator to review your child's information, brief the teachers, and update our roll call sheets. Correct and accurate information will also ensure the health and well-being of your child, especially if they have any allergies or special needs.

Although not necessary, typing in the information would be greatly appreciated and helpful. This makes it easier for the Administrator to read and will further help with the accuracy of information. All our registration forms are in .pdf form and can be completed electronically. When done, don’t forget to print and provide your signature and make any copies to keep for your own records.